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 In 1970, I graduated from the school of architecture of Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia . 
        As an artist, I have presented photographs and pen and ink drawings at several expositions. 
        For 20 years, I worked for the government of Colombia as an architect. 
         I have taught art and mathematics at the elementary and secondary level.  At the present time, I teach Spanish.  I taught design and building techniques for thirteen years as a lecturer at various schools of architecture in Colombia.
        As an architect, I worked on various projects in the design and construction of schools in Colombia financed by the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.  The project INEM, financed the construction of rural education centers and teacher training centers. 
        Working in the private industry, I designed and constructed several urban projects for low-income housing.  
I designed innovative construction modules using recycled materials that were economic and easy to use.
          I am working at the present time on an essay of general specifications regarding construction in Latin America.  I am also finishing a design project of low-cost vacation homes to be used in the tropical Andean mountain region and the coastal Caribbean region in Colombia.

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